Free desktop wallpapers - newest favorite website
I really enjoy changing my desktop wallpaper. What you see behind the icons on a desktop should really express the personality of the user, or at least serve as relaxing, energising, or inspiring, as the purpose of the computer demands. Personally, my favorite wallpapers are all dark 3D art pictures, like blue glass and flames and stuff on top of black. The 3D art gets my creative juices flowing, and the dark parts make my icons easier to find (and gosh do I have icons, but that's another story). I have discovered that makes it super easy to browse for exactly what I'm looking for- the search options are comprehensive: keywords, dominant colors, comparison to similar pictures, size, aspect ratio, date, views, etc.... It also has a "SFW/NSFW" (Safe For Work/Not Safe For Work, i.e. nudity and images not acceptable by the general public) switch. There is a bit of a community here, and if you make an account you can contribute comments, save pictures to a Favorites section (which you can also organise), and participate in their forums.
Check it out:

The most fun PTC website

The PTC website I'm going to review now is ClixSense. I think that's the one I've actually been a member of the longest, if not Neobux. The ads they have available for clicking are variable and seem to become available at any given moment throughout the day- it's a good idea to keep checking back for newly posted ones. They have a click grid game where you have a CHANCE of winning money. I don't hold much stock in those as my time is usually more valuably spent on guaranteed money rather than the chance of it. Still, I play occasionally, and have won some cash on ClixSense's grid. The offers wall has some neat stuff that will payoff, my favorites being the videos. Watch a 2 minute video and get paid? Yes please. Now, they do have a Tasks section where you can earn cents for successfully completing "jobs", and many people make use of that, but proceed with that as you wish- I have terrible, er, luck, completing jobs to their satisfaction, even though I throw myself into it wholeheartedly and try to work hard. I always end up with false answers and wasting my time for what precious little they offer for it. Getting back to the clickable ads, I do have one word of caution- their ad windows are the most focus-demanding I have ever experienced. They not only must be your only browser window/tab in focus, it also detects if your browser is not in focus above other programs. No chatting or solitaire playing while clicking ClixSense ads! :P So, without further ado, I'll give you the breakdown:
  • Up to $0.02 per ad click 
  • Up to $0.008 per referral click
  • Cashout minimum is $8 for standard accounts, $6 for premium
  • No renting referrals
  • They offer cashout via Paypal, Payza, Liberty Reserve, and checks (cashout minimum is higher and less frequent for checks than with electronic methods)
  • Electronic cashout can occur as frequently as twice a week if qualifications are met
Here is my referral link if you would like to give ClixSense a try:


My second favorite PTC site

My second review of money making websites will be for the PTC site "NeoBux". They have been around since 2008 (and just started "celebrating" their 5th anniversary as of this writing), which adds a bit of credibility. I have personally seen some Paid To Click websites get launched brand new, flounder, and fail within a few months, for various reasons, often related to the administrators not being sincere or knowing what they are doing. It seems a few dozen new PTC websites are born every day, and many of them are doomed to fail. So one that has been around for 5 years and is still doing awesome makes for a credible site indeed. Now, personally, I have not earned much money from them yet as I keep funnelling profits back into renting referrals, and each referral is not paying off hardly even close to the ones I have on ProBux. I know what's wrong, I have not purchased the Golden account upgrade. I have seen the profit projections for how I would be doing if I had a paid account, and it just takes my breath away- but get this: Golden account upgrades cost $90 a year! *le gasp* That's okay, I'm sticking with the plan to see how much/fast I can earn online WITHOUT PAYING OUT. So it takes longer. Bleh. Anyway, NeoBux does have some nice features- it is a nice clean website without annoying ads all over the place, and I like the colorful, simple graphics. The rentals area has a feature I have not (yet) seen on any other PTC site- the ability to manually flag referrals with little colored tags, so you can keep track of them for your own personal reasons. So with a standard account you get this:
  • A minimum of 4 standard ads per day
  • From $0.001 to $0.015 per click (I get about $0.07 per day)
  • From $0.005 to $0.01 per referral click
  • A $2.00 cashout minimum for your first time, increases incrementally to $10.00 minimum
  • Limit of 300 rented referrals
Two more notes I'd like to make.... It pays to check back on this website a few times throughout the day because ads become available around the clock. (This probably applies to most PTC's but I've paid attention to it more here). The security is just a dot to click on before loading the paid ad- I love this and generally prefer security measures that occur before the advertisement rather than after.
I hope this review wasn't terribly boring. If you'd like to check them out, please use my referral link:


My absolute favorite PTC site

I have decided my first Paid-To-Click ("PTC") website review will be for the one that has payed off the highest and quickest for me so far: ProBux. This no-nonsense PTC has no extra frills such as banner ads flashing in your face everywhere you look, time-wasters such raffles and contests (although there is a clickgrid, like most PTC's have), and even the paid ads themselves have no human verification on them to be extra clicks you have to make. While I realize this opens the door for cheaters and may be a concern for the advertisers, it is really convenient for an honest person like me to not have to discern which of five pictures is upside down or type in a two digit number just to prove that I'm not a robot. One of the reasons this website is proving profitable for me is that it is simple to rent referrals, keep track of them, and get lots of profit from their clicks. As I'm sure lots of other people would say, I'm not too good at getting direct referrals, so rentals being easy on a PTC site is very helpful to me. Also, each ad seems to pay well and there always have been many ads to click on every day. I am currently a member of about 20 PTC websites and this is the one I check on first every day.

With a standard account you get:
  • Up to $0.015 per click (averages $0.05 a day for my own clicks)
  • Up to $0.01 per rented referral click
  • 7 days between new rentals
  • 7 days between cashouts
  • Limit of 200 rented referrals
If you feel up to trying it out for yourself, please visit ProBux through my referral link: